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Juggling Life

“If street art does not run in the family but it is a grown-up choice, juggling somehow always implies, for many among us, a form of break up from what you were before, the search for a new identity, at times the beginning of an actual spiritual journey" (Aldo Scrofani, interview  Juggling Magazine). Emilio and Regas, friends and colleagues, aged 21 and 25,  decide to give up their lives on the Greek island of Rhodes to follow a dream, to become jugglers and learn the circus arts in Italy. They buy a second-hand  caravan and with many difficulties  arrive in Rome, where they live in the street, up to settle down at Forte Prenestino (an old fort occupied, in the suburbs of Rome), where they find hospitality and electricity to warm up during the winter. Their days are marked by hard training, by performances in the streets and at the crossroads of busy streets of Rome. They live by their "hat", and the spontaneous support of the public, with the certainty that they would not like to do in their life, and that in spite of their art will not make them rich, they certainly has made them free.

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